Sciencewerke and Garvan Institute collaborate to provide Whole Human Genome Sequencing
We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Garvan Institute of Medical Research to provide Whole Human Genome Sequencing.
  NEW: Introducing Visio, a real-time, in-gel protein stain from Advansta
Visio is a sample-loading buffer and protein stain in one. Visio makes it possible to monitor protein electrophoresis in real time, and is completely compatible with downstream mass spectrometry.
  ibidi Heating System K-Frame - A Multi-Well Plate Heating System that Works with the Most Common Microscopy Stages
ibidi has again expanded its product range and now offers a heating system for multi-well plates that can be used on K-Frame Microscopy Stages.
  Potent and specific knockdown of mRNA and lncRNA
LNA™ GapmeRs are highly effective antisense oligonucleotides for knockdown of mRNA and lncRNA.