Diagenode: End of Year Promotion

Terms and conditions:
* promotion is valid from now until 31st Jan 2019.
+ Free antibody will be of the lowest price.
# Sample size depends on antibody chosen.
Δ depends on antibody chosen.
Buy 2 antibodies and get 1 for free+
  • High quality,validated antibodies dedicated for ChIP and ChIP-seq experiments.
  • Comprehensive selection of histone and non-histone antibodies.
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Buy 1 ChiP kit and get 1 antibody sample for free#
  • ChIP-seq and ChIP-qPCR kits for transcription factors, histones, low and standard input.
  • Complete kit with control antibodies and primers validated for different samples (human, plant, animal).
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Buy 1 ChiP kit + 1 library prep kit and get 1 antibody for freeΔ
  • Complete portfolio for Next-Gen Sequencing of RNA, DNA & ChIP.
  • Inputs as low as 10pg with simple and fast workflows.
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