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PerkinElmer lites® have you covered. No matter what your throughput for reporter gene, cytotoxicity or cell proliferation assays, there is a PerkinElmer luminescence product for you:

  Reporter Gene Assays:
• britelite® plus
• neolite™
• steadylite plus®
• sensilite™
• twinlite™
Cytotoxicity/Cell Proliferation Assays:
• ATPlite™
• ATPlite™ 1step
• ATPlite™ 3D
• ATPlite™ 1step 3D

Choose the right detection reagent based on your application

Luminescence Assays:
ATPlite and ATPlite 1step – Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP) monitoring systems based on firefly (Photinus pyralis) luciferase. These luminescence assays are alternatives to colorimetric, fluorometric and radioisotopic assays for the quantitative evaluation of proliferation and cytotoxicity of cultured mammalian cells. ATP monitoring can be used to assess the cytocidal, cytostatic and proliferative effects of a wide range of drugs, biological response modifiers and biological compounds.

The 3D versions of the kits were developed to specifically detect cell viability and proliferation in cultured spheroid models. The ATPlite versions are run in two steps, where samples can be stored after cell lysis at -20 °C and then pooled for testing.

britelite plus
steadylite plus
Very High
Half-life (hours)
Plate Format
96, 384, 1536
96, 384, 1536
96, 384, 1536
96, 384
96, 384
• Superior sensitivity
• Low transfection efficiency
• Stem cell transfection
• Rapid read time
(continuous processing)
• Low transfection efficiency
• Stem cell transfection
• Increased assay windows
• Extended read times
• Most robust
• Strong steady signal
• Long extended read times
• High throughput screening
• Low transfection efficiency
• Stem cell transfection
• Normalization for high quality data
• Screen two events in parallel by measuring both firefly and Renilla luciferases
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