Immunoassays have never been easier
Ella runs Simple Plex™ assays—they're like mini, automated ELISAs. Her multi-sample, ready to go cartridge lets you run 4 immunoassays per sample all at once. On top of that, Ella just uses 25 µL of sample! Setup only takes 5 minutes, and she'll have your data ready in 60 minutes. 
  The new Prospect 3.0 for Preclinical Ultrasound Research by S-Sharp
The new and improved Prospect 3.0 now has more features and is compact and affordable. Prospect 3.0 is made for preclinical ultrasound research for small animals.
  Sciencewerke and Garvan Institute collaborate to provide Whole Human Genome Sequencing
We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Garvan Institute of Medical Research to provide Whole Human Genome Sequencing.
  NEW: Introducing Visio, a real-time, in-gel protein stain from Advansta
Visio is a sample-loading buffer and protein stain in one. Visio makes it possible to monitor protein electrophoresis in real time, and is completely compatible with downstream mass spectrometry.